What is Death Marks the Spot?

What is Death Marks the Spot?

Mystery, suspense, history … witchcraft, murder, greed … ADVENTURE!

All describe my new book series “Death Marks the Spot”. Written in what I call immersive, interactive fiction I challenge the reader with mysterious history to find over $2,000,000 in hidden treasure. With the clues to the locations of immense treasure chests hidden in the pages of the books.

According to reviews, Death Marks the Spot books are the most original works since Harry Potter! You’ll engage stories unlike any ever written where the rewards just might outweigh the horror that seeks to stop you.

You’ll be lured into history to track a witch, be hunted by rogue Indians and stalked by phantasms rising out of the dunes. You’ll witness gruesome murders and discover the execution of a man who may have been innocent.

All based on frighteningly true facts! Death Marks the Spot Books are horror, adventure, history and treasure all in one pot. Do you have what it takes to face your worst nightmares and find a treasure?